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In the last decade, financial advice has become increasingly important in our lives more than ever before. The global recession and the current low growth environment experienced in most developed economies, coupled with the record low interest rates have all made a compelling case to have a sound strategy, whatever it may be. It is now crucial to understand your money situation if you intend to find your financial freedom. Understanding your money and finances can sometimes be very complicated and time consuming which means we always put it off due to our busy lives. To help you understand your money and the things you can do to make it work harder for you, we are excited to introduce Wealt

It’s your money….

Friday evening after work in the beautiful Sydney city, the sun sets overlooking the Sydney Opera House and the weather is beautiful outside. So! What did we do? A group of us went for dinner in the Rocks. The conversation started – naturally first about work, then moved on to the activities people have got planned over the weekend. Some way, somehow, we managed to find ourselves talking about money – as you do if you put a group of ambitious young professionals together with a glass of Malbec. So I ask a question round the table. “If I ask you to give me 10% of your salary each year for 30 years, would you do it?” Now… imagine the initial shock and “are you freaking serious” look on these s

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