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Andrew Akuoko
Director | Wealth Management |Wealth Peak
I've always enjoyed working with people and money. The fulfilment I got in dealing with my first client in 2004 is what has spurred me on to continue working in wealth management. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with some of the best professionals in wealth management in Australia and the UK, which has provided me with extensive experience  and has helped shape my philosophies on money and finance. 
I migrated from the UK to Australia in 2006 and I call Australia home. When I'm not busy working out the next strategy, I'm busy playing dad to my son who enjoys playing Rugby Union and really keeps me busy. My partner and I enjoy to travel and this is something we tend to do whenever we have the chance. It's amazing what we've learnt, not only about places we've visited, but about each other on our travels.
I do take continuous professional development seriously. To support me in providing high quality advice, I ensure to update my studies regularly and keep well informed with today's financial and economic news. I hold a Masters of Commerce in Financial Planning amongst many industry related qualifications. I'm also a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA).
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Ian Satill 
Director| Personal and Business Insurance| Wealth Peak

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Brent Satill 
General Manager | Wealth Peak
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IManish Sundarjee
Director and Snr Partner| Wealth Peak Lipins 

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