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I honestly couldn’t tell you how I got here – but I know I am. The year is almost over and another to begin (deep, I know!)

As you can rightly tell, I’m in shock but the fact is, we probably say this every year! Then we make a long list of things we want to conquer and wait 12 months to realise that it’s still a list. Why don’t we flip this on the head this time? So, for every day left now before you break off for the silly season (then again, why do we call it that!? Hehehehe) why don’t we commit to tick some things off before the year ends? Let me share my list with you…

1) Review my Estate planning needs. I’m your typical statistic! Divorced with a child and in another relationship. Our situation gets complex each year we add/remove from our asset pool. To wonder what will happen to my current partner should I die suddenly or have a serious accident, I can’t even fathom. Oh wait! Then again, it’ll never happen to me, right?

2. Review my household budget! We both know that you’re going to set a goal to save more in 2019! – Ya, my thoughts exactly! Why bother setting a goal when you have no intent to stick to it? To ensure I stick to mine, I’m reviewing my actual spend for 2018. Yes! It is scary as %&*%. But I know if I don’t do this, then 2019 will come and go and nothing will be achieved. Then again, “you know exactly how much you spend, right?” Does your so-called budget spreadsheet match the funds in the bank account?

3. Celebrate my successes – I’m making a list (Ya! The naughty or nice list) except this time I’m calling it the Wins and Lessons list. “Where did I succeed? Where did I fail? Are there any lessons to be learnt from my failures? Have I learnt them? For my successes, how am I going to celebrate the wins? Who am I going to celebrate it with?”

Christmas always reminds us that the year is ending. It’s also the dawn of the new year, new beginnings. Perhaps, if we reflect on the year gone by, we can truly set ourselves up for big things in 2019!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!

General Advice Disclaimer

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